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Ultimate Sleepover

Turn an ordinary slumber party into an unforgettable themed night with our Ultimate Sleepover service. Our unique sleepover parties offer the ideal environment for bonding and enjoyment with your loved ones.

What’s Included?

Every sleepover package we offer includes setup, styling, and next-day pickup. Each guest will enjoy glamping out, sleeping in, and partying in their own personal sleepover tent

1. Teepee Tents

2. Foam Mattresses

3. Sheets & Fluffy Blankets

4. Bed Trays

5. Accent Pillows and Decor

6. Decorative Garland

7. Fairy Lights (battery operated)

8. Lanterns, Votives, or Flashlights (battery operated)

9. Personalized Name Plates

10. Decorative Rugs

11. Message Board for Personalization

Perfect For

* Pillows to sleep on (not included for hygiene reasons)

* Balloons garland are not included


Parties of 1-3 $140 per guest, each additional $90 per guest

Sleepover Examples

We've curated a diverse array of unforgettable themed sleepover settings for you to select from. Custom-themed sleepover setups are available for an upgrade.

Boho Pink

Magic Crystal

Little Mermaid

Secret Garden

Game On

Movie Night

Boho Pink Sleepover

Mommy & Me / Besties

Unicorn Dreams

Adventure Camper

Want To Make Your Event Extra Special?

Elevate your party experience by exploring our range of party add-ons!

Snow-Cone Maker Rental

Price: $80

Delicious, refreshing, and a fantastic alternative to ice cream.

Popcorn Maker Cart Rental

Price: $80

Perfect as a Movie night experience or stand alone accent. Includes: Popcorn, Scooper, Bags up to 30.

Teepee Balloon Garland

Price: based on request

Add that WOW to your party. Will match your chosen theme.

Spa Station

Price: $28 each

Includes: spa bowls, washcloths, mirrors, face masks, chilled eye masks (for adults), spa headbands, hair ties, placemats

Karaoke Machine Rental

Price: $60

Perfect to create an exciting party atmosphere Includes machine with built in songs and 7” video screen plus 2 mics.

Board games

Price: $60

Jumbo Connect 4 board is 4ftx3.5ft. Perfect for inside or outside events!

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